Electromechanical Specialized Source Procurement


United Export USA is a specialized Sourcing and Procurement Company set up by experienced purchasing managers who worked in the construction industry in the Middle East with exceptional diligence in Electro Mechanical or other such fields of industry. Our expertise allows us to find suppliers in all business sectors who can provide the products and services requested by our customers. Our goal is to find what you need considering your time, quality and budget specified.. Our Products include but not limited to pipe, valves, fittings, spare parts, pumps, fire equipments, water heaters and boilers, dust workshop manufacturing equipment, residential and industrial Lighting. As a Procurement Management Company, we provide following services:

  • Manufacturer and Item selection.
  • Consultant submittals and approvals.
  • IT Based Purchasing.
  • Item and Back Order Tracking.
  • Categorized Reporting and Updates to Customer Needs

We tailor our sourcing and procurement strategies to the unique needs of each of our customers using strong negotiation, aggressive yet balanced business behavior and devotion to our client. This allows us to achieve superior results for our clients. In other words, Challenge us: LET US WORK FOR YOU!